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Donuts, coffee and water are standard freebies offered to voters standing in often long lines to cast early absentee ballots. Trump's Ohio campaign spokesman Seth Unger said the Republican candidate doesn't need to hand out stuff to win Ohioans' votes. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us.

Moderators are staffed during regular business hours EST and can only accept comments written in English. This is as significant as any civil and human rights injustice in our country in centuries.

Freebies for the Hillary Clinton crowd | MSNBC

Its not a side issue. This is not to suggest support for Ms. The question is why she shares his silence about it. She still has an opportunity to distance herself from the ugly and disgraceful injustice he supports there. If she has devoted her life to social justice then now is the time to prove it. Well said, Nathan. I like some of the sentiments of both Stein and Johnson, too, but neither has a plan that will really work.

In fact, only one candidate of all is being pragmatic and practical and actually has any experience at governing. Bob should not be applauded and this was constructive criticism.

The Relatable Hillary: What Her Emails Really Reveal

The two candidates are entirely different from one another; the only thing they have in common is that — as you say — neither has a plan for accomplishing what he or she says ought to be done. Americans need to be more thoughtful and educate ourselves on the candidates, not just have a gut reaction to them. And this is bit by Louis C. While a viable third party would be nice neither the libertarians or the greens offer that as an alternative. The screw you I got mine policy of the libertarians is as naively idealistic as communism. The greens anti-science policy should also be treated with disdain.

  1. Clinton and Bosnia: a candidate's freebie, a president's nightmare?
  2. She’s devoted her life to social justice.
  3. The Relatable Hillary: What Her Emails Really Reveal.
  4. a&w chubby chicken bucket coupon.

Offer a viable third party and I would be more than willing to toss them a bone, sadly this year no one has done so. Clint, I know who I am voting for and did not disclose it. It Clinton and Trump are the best the 2 major parties and the American people can do we should be looking at other sources for our leaders.

My point is that as long as we do not include third parties in discussions, the chance to change to the system is reduced. Well, that at least makes me a little happier, Bob. And I agree that the discussions should be more inclusive and hope that Hlllary wins and will include people like Bernie and Jill Stein in her governing. So…keeping my fingers crossed. And thank you for clarifying! She is a lying, untrustworthy, cheating politician who is only remotely close in the polls because Donald Trump is equally as repulsive. She is only devoted to her poll.

Her policies have not sense of whole nation, equality and humanity. The reason Hillary held any of those views was solely to advance herself. She took seemingly more lowly positions as a calculated career pathway. Having a bit of selfishness and pragmatism is necessary, but she has nothing beyond that in her character.

Her numerous episodes of confusion, poor judgment, body clock, etc. So you know exactly what motivated her? She spent years working on behalf of children — but not because she cared, but solely to advance her own career? You personally know exactly what is in her heart? Please, give me a break. One line says that Hillary has acknowledged her mistake and owned up to it.

Intersectional Feminist Media

That was after she got caught. Most people repent once they have been caught, but still face the consequences. As far as the argument for strong social conscience — she has a laundry list of lies that she continues to peddle — being broke after leaving the white house in , being under heavy sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia with Bill, obviously the emails. This election will go down as having the worst candidates in history. Dedicated her life to social justice — dedicated her life to making herself wealthy and powerful, but claims that she is a regular Joe.

I see that partisan blindness do not allow many Americans to see that Hillary Clinton only cares about herself. Wake up America. George, you should do a bit more research.

The Ancient Mystery Behind Hillary Clinton! (Paradigm Clip #3)

Of course, Hillary has aspirations. Most of us, do. But hers, while satisfying her desires, also do some good—a times, a LOT of good. None of the other candidates can claim this, and her main rival in this battle has all the symptoms of being a narcissist. This sense of recognition has remained a seemingly insurmountable hurdle for years. Yet here it is, rolled out against her will, in a context intended to make her seem more malevolent and closed-off and entitled-to-special-treatment than ever before.

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And yes, maybe that narrative will win. And we will be left with a Portrait of the Candidate as a human being. In other emails, there are more traces of her complicated relationship with communicative technology — trying to get the right cell number for Elena Kagan, asking for help setting up her iPad, accidentally forwarding emails with private addresses left on them.

Even a little bit? Working Mother? The emails complicate insinuations that Clinton was not all that loyal to Obama. Nuns pushed it over the finish line—-as usual in the fcore front of. Justice and a daring willingness.

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